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Employer Group Qualifications

Idaho AGC Membership

Membership in the Idaho AGC is not required to receive a quote on the Idaho AGC Health Plan.  Idaho aGC membership is required for a company wishing to join the Idaho AGC Health Plan. 

Business Qualifications

The business must be domiciled in the State of Idaho.


Employers with a minimum of two full-time employees are eligible to enroll in the Idaho AGC Health Plan. Two employees from the same household count as one employee. An eligible employee is one that has completed the eligibility waiting period and actively works a minimum of 30 hours or more hours per week. Eligible dependents include legal spouses, children under age 26, and disabled children of any age.

Employee Participation Requirements

Employers must offer coverage to all eligible employees. A minimum of 75% of all eligible employees must participate in the Idaho AGG Health Plan or may waive coverage due to enrollment in another qualified plan.


The employer may determine the amount the company will contribute toward employees and/or their dependents; however, the minimum required contribution is 50% of the employee rate.

Eligibility Waiting Periods

Employers may elect a 0, 30, or 60-day probationary period for their employees and may elect different eligibility waiting periods for regular employees versus rehired employees at their discretion. Coverage is effective the first of the month following the completion of the eligibility waiting period.